Message From the President - April 2024

Three Suggestions for Getting Involved With AI

Suggestion Number 1: Sign up for PMIW Symposium on “Elevating PM Skills through Generative AI and Leadership Excellence” on May 4. This is a day with hands-on instruction for using AI in your role as a Project Manager, along with a review of the AI landscape to explore its potential and examine its pitfalls. You can get more information here and register here. Support your Chapter as we work to bring you the latest and most relevant information and tools!

Suggestion Number 2: Just dive in and have fun! I have been playing with Claude from Anthropic; Microsoft’s Co-Pilot, which provides access to Chat GPT4; Open AI; and Google’s Gemini. It is fun to try these out, but they also can be handy assistants, creating schedules, suggesting outlines for reports, and even helping generate a daily riddle which I send to my grandkids.

Suggestion Number 3: Check out a valuable resource provided to you free by PMI, available to all members at It is the PMI Infinity AI-powered learning assistant which leverages sources generated and vetted by the PMI global community of professionals. Boost your knowledge base with AI-powered resources, reinforce and validate your understanding of complex subject matters, and get interactive and detailed responses for a truly unique learning experience.

PMI Infinity is based on all PMI proprietary knowledge and is updated as new information becomes available. This is the most efficient way to access this knowledge base. Using prompts and questions to the Infinity assistant you will receive comprehensive answers with citations. This is more focused than a key word query which would return a list of articles or websites.

Access to Infinity is available to all PMI Members. Try it, and let me know what your experience is!

Peter Roggemann, PhD
President, PMI Westchester