Message from the President - July 2022

I hope you all are enjoying a good summer. In this letter I will explain the changes PMI is making to the description of the Talent Triangle. In my next letter I will discuss how these changes affect PMI certification holders.

PMI developed the Talent Triangle as a way to represent the ideal sets of skills project professionals must develop to be successful in the world of project management. Now they have updated this representation to ensure that the Talent Triangle reflects the skills needed now by project professionals and changemakers as they navigate the landscape of today.

PDU requirements are tied to the Talent Triangle, and the graphic is an iconic symbol of both certification requirements and PMI offerings.

To help project professionals navigate our changing world of work and embrace smarter ways of working, PMI has developed new ways of describing needed skills:

  • The Technical Project Management side will be replaced with “Ways of Working”
  • The Strategic and Business Management side will be replaced with “Business Acumen”
  • The Leadership side will be replaced with “Power Skills”

Ways of Working makes it clear that there is more than one way that work gets done today.

  • Think of this category as mastering diverse and creative ways to get any job done
  • We need to understand and adopt many ways of working so we can quickly shift approaches as new challenges arise, to apply the right solutions at the right time

Power Skills are the interpersonal skills enabling people to apply influence, inspire change, and build relationships.
Power skills include:

  • Collaborative leadership skills
  • Communication skills
  • Having an innovative mindset
  • Having a for-purpose orientation
  • Exercising empathy to make ideas a reality

Professionals with Business Acumen understand the macro and micro influences in their organization and industry and have the function-specific or domain-specific knowledge to make good decisions.

  • Professionals at all levels—not just managers—need to be able to cultivate effective decision-making and understand how their projects align with the big picture of broader organizational strategy and global trends
  • This can be achieved through experience, training, courses, certifications, or self-guided learning

Now that you know the changes that are being made, look for my next letter which will address the implications for PDU earning and for certification and certification renewals.

Peter Roggemann, PhD
PMI Westchester Chapter