Message From the President - June 2022

It is great to welcome the warmer weather and to read the new health guidelines which describe a path for more personal interactions. We will hold our PMIW Annual Meeting on June 14th, which includes a review of the activities of 2021, the state of the Chapter, and a preview of the future. Your Board members will present their groups’ accomplishments and be available for your questions. The Annual Meeting will precede the June Chapter Meeting. Both meetings are open to members and non-members. Because this is the legally required Annual Meeting there is no charge for members. Pre-registration is required, which you can do from the event page or below.

At our June meeting we will hear from Tom Langan, founder of Telex Media and a two-time Emmy Award nominee. Tom works with entrepreneurs, non-profits and mission-driven organizations to help them make positive change using his proprietary Legendeering™ process. This process harnesses the power of storytelling to develop messaging designed to help organizations build long lasting relationships with their audience. You will see a parallel between this process and PMI’s emphasis of using project management to bring about meaningful change. Your Board will be listening very closely as well for ideas on shaping and communicating the PMIW brand. I hope to see you there.

The monthly Chapter Meetings will take a break until September 13th. The PMIW Toastmasters Club is meeting June 21 and will continue meeting during the summer. Lunch & Learn meets June 24th, and the Breakfast Roundtable meets June 28th; both these series will return in September.

We are looking forward to offering hybrid meetings, starting sometime this fall. We expect to apply the lessons learned from virtual meetings to create a dynamic and interesting experience for all attendees and presenters at our hybrid events. We are looking for volunteer help as we finalize and execute our plans. If you have experience with hybrid meetings or if you would like to participate in our system testing and dry runs please let me know.

I wish everyone a happy and healthy summer!

Peter Roggemann, PhD
President, PMI Westchester Chapter