Message From the President - April 2022

Are You Ready For Culture Shock and Future Shock?

My letter this month is inspired by some ‘Back to the Future’ experiences. Some time ago, as Peace Corps volunteers, my wife and I were told to prepare for ‘Culture Shock’ as we trained for life in Morocco. Our Moroccan native instructors filled our language classes with pointers on local customs and office practices. That was invaluable to helping us to be effective in our roles in country.

Our April 12th Chapter Meeting presenter, Dr. Valerie Williams-Sanchez, PhD will present a culturally relevant strategy to achieve meaningful project outcomes. In this era of unprecedented political shifts, the global health pandemic, and social justice awakenings, everyone can benefit from having the ability to navigate an evolving socio-political landscape and the needs of an increasingly diverse American population and marketplace.

Taking cues from education pedagogy, this hybrid approach integrates strategy with multi-dimensional research, discourse, critical interpretation, and analysis, to facilitate meaningful outcomes. Learn how, and much more, at this informative presentation! I am looking forward to this presentation and will ‘see’ you there (virtually). Register now at

When I contemplate the speed of change today I am reminded of the general buzz in our society heard in the early 1990s. At that time the popular media were filled with stories about how the computer revolution was changing things faster than humans could adapt. The words ‘Future Shock’ were used to describe the zombie condition that we were about to fall into. Why, it was even speculated that one day – soon – ordinary people would have their own personal computing device!

Well, change kept coming at an increasing pace, along with many tools that helped humans adapt. Pedagogical advances led to instruction on how to use these new capabilities and technological advances led to ergonomically usable devices, so convenient we can walk around with our computer in our hand.

The PMI Westchester Symposium on April 30th aims to provide you with knowledge to deal with the ‘Future Shock’ we face today. Among the topics to be explored are Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Digital Transformation and Organizational Transformation. A key theme is how these tools are changing the role of the Project Manager. We will also hear how PMI is redefining its paradigm of professional practice and what that means for each of us.

We can face the future and thrive by accepting that things are changing, learning the new tools and techniques, and applying them in our own professional career. I look forward to Symposium and hope to ‘see’ you there (virtually of course, no shock!).

Peter Roggemann
President, PMI Westchester Chapter