Breakfast Roundtable: The World of an Agile Coach

22 Mar 2022 - 7:30am
The World of an Agile Coach

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Coaching is a dream for most senior executives. After a life of intense responsibility, the idea of just telling people what to do is enticing. But as an Agile Coach, it is anything but "the telling".

Whether you work as an employee or an independent, as an Agile Coach there is a new variety of stressors, similar but different. Agile Coaches know Agile, but coaching an organization through an Agile transformation demands new (and creative) ways to make it happen. Pat will speak to the personal, professional and intellectual challenges of being an independent Agile Coach.

Pat Tyre

Pat Tyre has been an Agile Coach for the past 6 years. She came to Agile long before she realized it was a methodology gaining traction in business. Certified as a Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt, she started her Agile journey leaning out the IT department at Citibank's Credit Card division shortly in early 2011. After removing technical and organizational waste, she went on to become the Agile Coach/ Scrum Master building their big data platform for data analytics. Planned as a 3 year, $7M effort, Pat worked with the data scientists and technical engineers to finish the initiative in 8 months, at only $250K. Realizing that Lean was Agile for IT, Pat took her experience to academia and then on to other Fortune 1000 companies as an independent Agile Coach. Six years later - she has never looked back.

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