Message From the President - January 2022

We are at that point in the calendar when it is customary to reflect on the passing year and make plans for the new year. While many of us have a strong desire to totally block out 2021, I do recall key Chapter highlights! These include stabilizing our membership at around 700 Chapter members (down from a peak of just over 800 as the COVID pandemic first hit). Also encouraging is the attendance at our events which also is holding steady. This reinforces the lesson that planning and delivering learning opportunities on highly relevant topics generates interest and participation. I thank and congratulate our Board and volunteers for developing events with knowledgeable presenters and leaders which include ample opportunity for discussion and contributions from participants. And I extend the thanks and congratulations to the Board and volunteers who managed the technical aspects of the events in an easily accessible, user-friendly manner.

My wish for all of us in the New Year is that we continue to be committed to lifelong learning; and that in 2022 we at our Chapter will be your ally in selecting programs and education that will help us grow as professionals. Not only are we dedicated to planning and developing our own Chapter events, but we are also reviewing opportunities offered by other groups which we can communicate to you.

PMI is introducing more certifications and specialized certificates. We have expanded our sponsored certification prep classes to include some Disciplined Agile certifications. We will continue to review the available topics and will introduce them if there is demand.

We also need your point of view and ideas! Please engage us in dialogue about what you are seeing and learning in your own careers and industries. Offer to lead a discussion at one of our events, or to help assemble a panel on topics you find interesting.

Permit me to spend a few lines of this general letter to talk about the work and efforts of your Board. In the past year we have strengthened our procedures to increase our efficiency and professionalism. Included in this effort is developing more complete job descriptions for key roles and more rigorous procedure manuals. We have also developed a common data storage and archiving process. There is more work to be done, and it is my wish for our Chapter community in 2022 that we continue to make progress in these areas and initiate projects to strengthen our communications architecture and infrastructure. And what would be most satisfying for me personally is to have broader participation from you, the members, in these activities. Come join us!