Message From the President - December 2021

Greetings! I am writing this message on the day after Thanksgiving. This is a true day of reflection. This has been a year of disruption and dislocation affecting everybody on the planet. We are grateful for our blessings and share sympathy with all who have experienced hardship and loss.

I am grateful for all the members of PMI Westchester who are participating in our programs and supporting us as volunteers. Our goal is to help you, the Chapter members, navigate the changes which affect our profession and our own careers.

Through these turbulent times we have learned again that the one constant is change. How many times over the past two years did we hear that the pandemic is fading, and we will be back to normal soon? And yet the pandemic just morphs into new variants, and we must change our protocols and expectations.

The rapid increase in knowledge assures that our world of work will be continuously changing. We must commit to lifetime learning to keep up. We will not only need to absorb and apply new facts, but we will be learning new collaboration tools and new ways to communicate.

PMI is here to help. By taking a broad view of the "project economy" our organization has expanded the concept of certification to match the career needs of changemakers. PMI is offering a seminar on 03 December to explain the range of certifications and to provide you an opportunity to interact with the PMI product owners who define certification content. Use this link for more information and to register for the event: Ask Us Anything – PMI Certification Offerings through the Certification Framework on 03 December.

The Seventh Edition of PMBOK is now available in a searchable digital format. You can find it using this link: PMIstandards+™. This is a convenient way to find new content on the emerging requirements of our profession. This is one of your free member benefits. Members can also download a free PDF of the PMBOK Guide® or purchase the print edition at a discount.

PMI also wants to hear from you. The annual Chapter Member Satisfaction Survey is being distributed now, and if you haven’t received it already you will be seeing it soon. Please take the time to complete the survey as this is a key way for PMI leadership and your Chapter Leaders to stay abreast of your thoughts and opinions. And do not hesitate to give your feedback and ideas directly to me and any of your Board members.

Finally, as we approach the end of the year let me offer you my best wishes for the new year to come.