Message From the President - June 2021

Are You a Changemaker?

PMI has been refining the definition of our profession to reflect the realities of our work environment. That environment is changing rapidly, along with the changes in our economy and culture. What is driving this change? In a word, knowledge.

Knowledge is being created at a fantastic pace. This new knowledge is being applied to innovate new technologies, new channels of communications, even new currencies allowing different methods for transactions.

Knowledge is expanding so rapidly, it is impossible for any individual to keep up. We need to have a strategy to deal with this phenomenon. Flexibility and adaptability are necessary, but insufficient to be able to thrive. Thoughtfully choosing new knowledge areas to study and learn is a key requirement.

Successful enterprises and organizations recognize the need for constant, constructive change. They are always looking for people who can help them in that process, people who can explore, and then lead the needed change.

So flexibility, adding to our own knowledge base, and being a leader for change are the requirements to be successful and to thrive in today’s world.

PMI is including more emphasis on change management and organizational transformation as intrinsic to the professional project management role. This will be incorporated in the forthcoming new edition of PMBOK. New certificates and certifications reflecting changemaker skills are being prepared.

PMIW is dedicated to bringing you information about these developments, and to providing opportunities for you to discuss them and to prepare yourself to obtain new certifications. We are ready to answer questions you may have; and please share with us any suggestions you have for how your Chapter can help you.

Remember to join the Chapter Meeting on June 8, where we will hear from Lisa Piazzola on how to making coaching your project manager superpower. Prior to the meeting, we will hold the Chapter’s Annual Meeting where your Board will report on the past year and present our goals for this year. Board election results will be announced, and the Ed Mahler Award for volunteering will be presented.

As you know, most of our programs take a summer break, and return in September (PMIW Toastmasters Club will meet over the summer). This is a time to pause and reflect, and to express gratitude.

Thank you to the volunteers who keep our programs running, addressing important topics with talented presenters. You can help by giving us feedback on the programs we run and ideas for relevant topics you want to learn more about.

I personally want to give heartfelt thanks to the Board for their work and support. Special thanks go to Karen Davern and Maja Davidovic as they complete their terms. Again, come to the Annual Meeting on June 8 to hear from your Board. And, give us your feedback and suggestions at any time.