Message From the President - May 2021

Our Chapter has just held our 12th Annual Symposium on April 24, and I am proud to report that it was a great success. Our theme was "Being Agile and Managing Change", and four terrific speakers delivered profound insights and some very practical advice. All four speakers made the point that we must evolve and adapt to a world where the amount of knowledge that is being created is growing faster than an individual can learn. In addition, technology is changing faster than an individual can absorb. Among the nuggets of practical advice offered throughout the day was to get help understanding the ramifications of change on your own life and career, be open and adaptable as you make your own plan to deal with change, and continue your lifelong journey of learning.

I sincerely hope you view Symposium as an example of how your Chapter brings you opportunities for the lifelong learning we all need.

There are many people who contributed to making this year’s Symposium a success, including the attendees, and we thank you for your participation. I also want to give special thanks to Karen Davern, Rob Candee, Laxmi Vallury and Srini Grandhi for your ideas and hard work to make the day as great as it was.

I want to also bring to all of you some thoughts that Karen Davern included in her introductory remarks for Symposium. Karen shared her reflections on professional and personal lessons we can draw from the past year of living with the pandemic. This is my paraphrase, but Karen summed up her thoughts in a word she made up – ‘PRACK’.

Each letter in the word, PRACK, stands for a quality which can help us in times like we have now. The word suggests we should be Perceptive, Resilient, Adaptive, be ready to Cope, and to be Kind to others and ourselves. Thank you for those thoughts.

As we move into May, start planning for the events you would like to join. On May 11, we will hear from Isaac Rodriguez on "The Role of Improv in Project Management". The Breakfast Roundtable on May 25 will feature Sesha Bhajanapalli talking about "Lean Portfolio Management for Business Agility". The PMI Westchester Toastmasters Club will meet on May 18; check the website for directions on how to contact the Club. Lunch & Learn will meet on May 21.

Board elections will be held May 23 – 29. Look for the e-mail with voting instructions – and VOTE!

Election results will be announced at the Chapter Meeting on June 8, which will be our Annual Meeting. Be sure to attend to keep up to date with current issues and plans. The June Chapter Meeting, because it is our Annual Meeting, is free for members.

Our former President, Ed Mahler, is recommending a webinar on “Scheduling Your Internal Projects – An Expert Discussion of Successful Practices” from the Project Management College of Scheduling on May 5 at 2:30. Click here for more details and to register.