Message From the President - March 2021

Are You Ready For Change? PMIW Can Help

Get ready - change is coming. In this month’s letter, I will outline some of the forces which are driving change and discuss what your Chapter is doing to help you adapt to these changes.

The pandemic is top of mind as a change maker. I think of it as an accelerator of change, speeding up existing trends of increased digitization, virtualization of social connections and work, re-examination of our commitment to equality and fairness, re-assessment of globalization’s impact across nations and affirmation of the need for objective, science-based public policy. If you accept this premise, you understand we are in the midst of a tidal wave of change.

How do we survive this tidal wave?
Seek to understand it, embrace it, and adapt to its implications. This is the message from PMI which is in the midst of a transformation called PMI 2.0, and is about to launch PMI 4.0. In brief, 2.0 is creation of a unified, updated digital platform for PMI, and re-definition and expansion of certifications. PMI 4.0, which will launch in the third quarter of 2021, is the implementation of a growth strategy based on an expansion of the definition of ‘project manager’ and ‘project management’. Project Management will be defined as ‘turning ideas into reality’. Project Manager is anyone who takes planned action to create positive change. PMI 4.0 is designed to expand beyond the existing membership and certifications.
Now is the time for upskilling. Your personal career plan must include specific actions to increase your knowledge and skills on a regular basis.

I suggest three steps.
First, follow our PMIW programs and access to learning opportunities. Your Board has been working to co-ordinate presentation topics across all our program venues in order to cover the knowledge areas being accelerated by change, as well as to bring you opportunities to obtain additional certifications in these areas.

For example, we are offering an Exam Prep course for the Agile Certified Practitioner certification (but you need to register by March 4; see our website for details). Our Symposium (April 24) is themed ‘Being Agile and Managing Change’. You will be presented with tools, terms and techniques to succeed in your personal development into the new definition of project manager. There will be explanations of the new PMI Disciplined Agile certifications. Also, you will be hearing from our Disciplined Agile Champion, Ray Francis, about the new certifications, the reasoning behind them, and opportunities to obtain them.

Second, stay in touch with PMI’s action plan. You can do this at I suggest you follow the ‘CEO Corner’ to hear Sunil Prashara’s description of PMI’s strategy. The ‘Blog’ link will take you to discussions of how project managers are adapting to demands of projects related to Artificial Intelligence, how ‘citizen development’ is changing software development projects and many related topics. The ‘Learning and Events’ section provides links to relevant education and training. And for a look at how the definition of project manager is expanding, go to this PMI site:

A third step is to join in PMIW’s own transformation to adapt to change. By participating in planning the Chapter’s future direction, and implementing programs for members to continue lifetime learning, you will be among the first to understand the coming changes and be able to prepare yourself to leverage those changes in your own career. e-Mail me at , or contact any of your Board members, to discuss the opportunities available.

As we look towards Spring stay safe and think about your preparation for the future.

Peter Roggemann, President
PMI Westchester Chapter