Message From the President - September 2020

I never imagined that I would be writing my first President’s Message to you in times and circumstances that we are in now. With health and livelihood at stake, our first actions must be to find out if family, friends, colleagues and communities are safe, and to do what we can to help those affected. We want you to know that if you are experiencing setbacks and difficulties that we at PMIW are ready to listen and to help in any way we can.

Our second priority is to restore full functionality as we adopt the safety protocols of a virtual world. Organizations such as ours have been built on relationships which have grown over time at gatherings and events. Our challenge is to enable relationships to continue and strengthen. I am impressed with how your Board has been working and preparing the infrastructure and platforms for us to manage virtual events. You will see the results in our September Chapter meeting on September 8 and our Annual Symposium on October 3. We have excellent programs planned – and a few fun surprises. Register for these events from the e-mails you received or directly from the website.

With all the challenges we face, this actually is a good time to be a Project Manager. The buzzwords of the day are ‘science based’, ‘facts’ and ‘intellectual honesty’. As Project Managers we use methodologies based on long and deep scientific research. Our work involves a daily search for and verification of factual information. Moreover, we add value to our organizations because our job is to assess risks and report project status with intellectual honesty.

Finally, the art of the Project Manager is the ability to manage change. As our society and culture searches for ways to assure public health, restore economic growth and address fundamental issues of social justice and equity, we can be in the forefront of helping accomplish needed change.

As we kick off our ‘Fall Semester’ I am looking forward to a year of restoration and progress. I also look forward to our interactions. I invite you to share your thoughts and suggestions with me.

Peter Roggemann
PMI Westchester