Message from the President - January 2017

New Beginnings

Happy New Year!!! This is a time for fresh and new beginnings. Many people make resolutions to do something different in the new year. Perhaps it’s to lose those few extra holiday pounds or spend more time with family and friends. Personally, I don’t make yearly resolutions, but rather I take a look at how I can change and improve my overall life. Last year I worked really hard on removing negativity in my life and focused on surrounding myself with people who are smart, intelligent, and can teach me something new. My thoughts were reinforced when I attended PMI’s Leadership Institute Meeting in San Diego last September. One of the keynote speakers, Vinh Giang, said, “You are the direct reflection of the top 5 people you spend time with”. What he meant was when we lack motivation in our life, changing the people we spend time with and surrounding yourself with those who give you that “spark”, will re-energize you in ways you cannot imagine. It’s these types of people who can make you look at things differently, help you acquire a new skillset, or simply give you a fresh perspective. He’s an amazing and powerful motivational speaker. I highly encourage you to look up his videos on YouTube, including the one I just quoted “Vinh Giang | Influence”.

Talking about influential people, we have our own Dorothy Cunha speaking this month on “The 21st Century Project Management: The Conscious Project Manager”. She will help us look at project management in a more mindful and meaningful manner. Dorothy will give us the perspective on how teams don’t just want to collect a paycheck, they want to make a difference. Understanding how changing our day-to-day operations can help us achieve that goal. This is very closely tied to what Vinh spoke about in his keynote.

Finally, our Breakfast Roundtable group will be discussing “Planning, Tracking, and Control with MS-Project” later this month on January 24th. This is a virtual meeting so be sure to visit our website on how to attend this session.

See you at the January Chapter meeting at the Royal Palace…

Brenda Horton, PMP
PMI Westchester


Inspiring message to start the Year! Looking forward to working with the Chapter to continue to enhance and grow it through 2017!