The Critical Path -- October Edition

The latest edition of PMI Westchester's "The Critical Path" is now available online. This month we have jam-packed the newsletter with information every project manager can use in their daily lives.

Are you currently looking for a new job? Brad Egeland discussed the top 10 things you need to do to land your next PM gig including resume and interview ideas. If you are current involved in a legacy transformation project, John Hoebler talks about the key things you need to do in order to ensure your project's success.

Every PM needs a mentor in their lives, someone to bounce ideas off or someone to simply get advice from when the going gets tough. Chris Ward walks us through what it takes to be a mentor and what different generations may look for when seeking information. Arvind Rongala gives us some tactics we can use when it comes to making our projects successful each and every time. Finally, Kim Wasson makes us realize how the PM needs to be an effective nagger when dealing with project teams.

Happy Halloween and Happy Reading!!