The Critical Path - September Edition

Hope you all had a great summer!!! Now it's time to check out this month's edition of "The Critical Path". Karen Goold discusses how to spark creativity within your teams and get out of the normal routine, while Henry Lopez, with over 34 years of experience, talks about why we should learn to delegate more and how this can benefit us in the long run. Have you ever gone to a meeting where there are no slides? Husband and wife team Elizabeth and Richard Larson tell us how we can communicate effectively without having to put up PowerPoint slides for our audience. Don't think this is possible? After reading this article you might have a different perspective. Lisa Anderson gives us some tips on what strategies work the best in keeping our projects on-track. We all want to be successful and Lisa shows us a path we can follow easily in our day-to-day lives. And last but not least, Kiron Bondale discusses a topic we all are uncomfortable with, conflict. However, he gives us ideas on how we can harness this for the greater good.

Enjoy reading this month's edition and if you have any articles you'd like to share with the PMI Westchester community, send them along to