Job Club - Dancing With Dinosaurs

20 Mar 2015 - 8:00am
How to lead your clients from the brink of extinction to surviving & thriving

"In the marketing and consulting business, I encounter dinosaurs all the time. At first, I would try to avoid them, because dinosaurs can turn a brief encounter into a potential nightmare. But I discovered there is a way to get dinosaurs to move in the direction you need them to go even if they are determined (as dinosaurs are known to be) to stay put."

"Project Managers encounter dinosaurs as well. By nature, dinosaurs make excellent gatekeepers. Who would argue with a dinosaur? So it is not unusual to find them in charge of major projects, even if they have little or no knowledge of the complexities or details. Some dinosaurs have trouble seeing small creatures and obstacles, thinking they can step over them or squash them."

-- Bill Cusano, Cusano Marketing LLC

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Bill Cusano

Bill Cusano is a Marketing & Business Consultant and THE Story Wizard at Cusano Marketing LLC where he advises marketers on how to win business through effective approach and storytelling. Mr. Cusano authored the book "All This to Say What? Four Simple Steps to Hijacking the Conversation," serves as a deacon at St. James Fordham Episcopal Church in the Bronx, and is Co-Founder & Creative Director for Chapman Gill International. After work as an IT Finance Executive, he undertook these aforementioned roles, in addition to serving as a leader with various nonprofits. He earned an MBA in Finance & Business Management from Adelphi University, a Bachelor of Science from Fordham University, and an Education for Ministry Certificate from Sewanee - The University of the South. Bill is a frequent contributor and friend to the PMI Westchester Chapter.


Fordham Westchester
400 Westchester Ave
Room 142
West Harrison, NY 10604

Coffee and pastries will be provided