Job Club - The Power of Effective Interpersonal Communication

19 Sep 2014 - 8:00am
How communication skills are needed for managing successful projects

In The Power of Effective Interpersonal Communication, Pat Iannuzzi will facilitate a general discussion of key interpersonal communication skills (aka, soft skills) that can increase one's persuasive power in communicating ideas, changing attitudes, overcoming challenges, motivating cooperative behavior and getting hired. He will focus on verbal, vocal and visual techniques for generating rapport, projecting self-confidence and conveying credibility when interacting with others: skills that can dramatically increase one's comfort and effectiveness in displaying positive attitudes, balancing the demands of diverse stakeholders, reinforcing an organization’s goals and objectives, speaking clearly and concisely in terms others can easily understand and, most importantly, get positive results.
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Pat Iannuzzi, President Symbiont Performance Group, Inc

Pat holds a B.A. from Southern Connecticut State University and a M.Ed. from the University of Illinois in addition to several professional training and development certifications.


Fordham Westchester
400 Westchester Ave
Room 142
West Harrison, NY 10604

As a project, program, or portfolio manager, it takes more than technical skills to achieve success. It's becoming increasingly important to focus on the interpersonal skills of project management, such as relationship building and communication, which often makes or breaks project success. Employers have found that they can train sharp people and teach them new technical skills but that it is much more difficult to train individuals with engaged attitudes, empathy and respect for others in ways that make for project management success.