PMO Community of Practice

The PMI Westchester Chapter has a PMO Community of Practice that meets after each Chapter Meeting, usually the second Tuesday of each month, from (approximately) 8:15 - 9:15 PM. Please join us and share your experiences or come learn how to run your PMO as successfully as possible. Attendance is free, no membership is required AND you can earn an additional PDU for attending!!

Do you have any areas of interest or topics you would like to cover in an upcoming meeting? Contact David Morgen. Please provide your return e-mail address, full name, and phone number.

Many of the files below are PDF files. You need a PDF viewer to view PDF files.

PMO Resources

This section provides links to articles and sites that have useful information related to topics discussed at the meetings.

General Resources

Article/Book Reviews

Change Management




Marketing the PMO

Portfolio Management


Types of PMO

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PMO CoP Meeting Summaries/Minutes

These are summaries of PMO CoP Meetings of the PMI Westchester Chapter.
(The meeting dates are the links to the summaries, all of which are in PDF format.)

Meeting Summary Contents and Topics Discussed
Nov 2021 Building Excitement: Sustaining the PMO
May 2021 Influencing Executives
Apr 2021 PMO Strategies to support business growth
Mar 2021 Growing the business with PMO Consultants
Feb 2021 PMO Tools for Fact-based Behaviors
Jan 2021 How people waste their own and other people’s time and what to do about it
Dec 2020 Tug of War, and how not to be the rope
Nov 2020 Fix the problem, not the blame!
Oct 2020 Collaboration Tools During COVID
Sep 2020 Sanity in the Workplace
Feb 2020 DevOps

Archive of older PMO CoP Meeting Summaries/Minutes

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