Lunch & Learn: The Team That Wasn't!

13 Dec 2021 - 12:00pm
The Team That Wasn't! A Case Study on How to Handle a Disruptive Teammate
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This case reflects the challenges Eric is faced with as he tries to bring a team of senior leaders together to determine the course of action to compete against a new entrant into the industry.

Unfortunately, Randy, one of the smartest guys in the company, has no love for teams or team decision making. Worse than that, Randy has strong disdain for the rest of his colleagues. In fact, every member of the team has some emotional baggage. What can Eric do?

The Challenge: Can this team be saved?

You will want to review the case study (PDF) before the session. When the Lunch & Learn session begins, we will lay out the process, and then we will split into small groups (Breakout Rooms). You and your group will discuss solutions to the challenge. There are no wrong answers!

At 12:45, all the Breakout Rooms will be brought together again, and each group will debrief the others on their insights.

The quality of the session is in your hands. We expect each of you to leverage your own experiences or Project Management soft skills for recommendations on this case.

Can this team be saved???

Pat Tyre

Pat Tyre is the VP of Programs for PMI Westchester Chapter

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Virtual Meeting (Zoom)

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