Message from the President - January 2019

Fresh Start

Happy New Year Everyone!! I hope everyone enjoyed some time off with your families and friends. I have to admit, I absolutely love this time of year. We have the opportunity to start with a clean slate and shape the upcoming year. This is exactly what your Board of Directors is doing now. We are focused on ensuring you get the most out of your Chapter experience. Many of you are looking to get more involved and we are going to change how we help you do that this year. We are also researching speakers who bring relevant, current, and valuable information to you every month. And most of all, we want to make sure we give each of you the chance to share your own experiences and knowledge with your fellow peers through more networking and social events. These are just a couple of the things we are concentrating on. What are you going to do in 2019?

This month we are going to discuss a topic many of us have thought about since the start of the Artificial Intelligence boom. George Pace, an information technology leader who focuses on how to extract business value from the latest technologies, is coming to us to talk about “Will Artificial Intelligence Take YOUR job?” George is going to help us understand what we need to know and more importantly how we "Keep Pace" with this important, disruptive and rapidly evolving technology. The answers may surprise you. Don’t forget to pre-register by Sunday, January 6th at 11:59 p.m. on our website for this event!!

After the Chapter meeting our Communities of Practice (CoPs) will meet for you earn an extra PDU. We have three CoPs for you to choose from: Career & Personal Development, Quality, and PMO. Be sure to stick around for one of them to share your expertise with your colleagues.

On Wednesday, January 16th, Daniel Heavens is back to discuss “Mitigating Unknown Unknowns” during our Lunch & Learn Session this month. This session will focus on how unidentified risks can be huge threats to your projects, but there are strategies and frameworks to help deal with these issues. He will also explore how to best minimize the impacts of unforeseen events and how to keep your projects on track for success. See our website for more details and to register. You must be a PMIW Chapter member to attend this event.

Our Breakfast Roundtable team is back on Tuesday, January 22nd. Doreen DePass will facilitate her annual session creating diverse questions related to project management for all participants to discuss and collaborate. See our website for more details and to register. You must be a PMIW chapter member to attend this event.

I hope you will join me on Tuesday, January 8th at the Royal Palace!!

See you at the Chapter meeting…
Brenda Horton, PMP