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About ProjectReady:
In the age of the cloud and digital disruption, the information and documents you need to manage are increasingly all over the Enterprise – driving content chaos. But, the way you need to manage projects, collaborate and control the movement and approval of documents should always be the same, repeatable process.

ProjectReady Central is designed to end the chaos by providing a modern, process driven solution to manage project information, across the enterprise, the same way every time.

Highlighted Project Management Features Include:
• Be it one or a thousand projects, from a single location you can manage, edit and create ALL your projects, tasks, approvals, documents & resources
• Easily set site security and permissions for all your projects from one place driving secure internal & external collaboration
• Governed and secure creation of collaborative projects sites by business users
• Best practices information architecture built to scale automatically
• Bring together information from Project Accounting & Line of Business systems to one central interface for easy management
• Rich & comprehensive reporting across all projects, tasks & resources

Highlighted Document Control Features Include:
• Centrally manage & create RFI’s, Transmittals, Submittals & Change Orders, securely delivered inside and outside your organization for review and approval
• Establish enterprise communication standards that are consistent, reliable and repeatable across every project throughout the enterprise
• Simplify the assembly of document packages across systems with an easy-to-use shopping cart experience
• Rich & comprehensive reporting across all enterprise document communications
• Consolidated, single view of the status of all key document communications
• Cover sheets for all document packages created automatically

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