Program: Board of Directors
Title Contact Name Phone Number(s)
President Brenda Horton

(914) 766-8055
Vice President of Finance Sathyaprakash Rao

(914) 831-7794
Vice President of Administration Carol DeGrella

(914) 629-8401
Vice President of Career and Professional Development Karen Davern

(646) 423-4152
Vice President of Communications and Marketing Rob Candee

(914) 475-7494
Vice President of Membership Adella Rosenthal

(203) 276-9175
Vice President of Outreach Peter Roggemann

(516) 458-9161
Honorary Director (Previous President) Pawan Kumar

(914) 962-0797
Program: Administration Committee
Title Contact Name
Committee Chair Carol DeGrella

Program Manager - Collaboration Tools Rochelle Clark

Program Manager - Volunteers Maya Davidovic

Program: Breakfast Roundtable Committee
Title Contact Name
Program Manager Doreen DePass

Program Manager Mary Gilmartin

Program Manager Joanne Guerriero

Program Manager Raymond Francis

Program Manager Allison Smith-Terrey

Program: Career & Professional Development Committee
Title Contact Name
Committee Chair Karen Davern

PMP Prep Course Instructor Varun Anand

Program Manager - Job Postings Colleen Lew

Program: Communications Committee
Title Contact Name
Committee Chair Rob Candee

Program Manager - e-Mail Communications Phebe Ong Arouoni

Program Manager - Social Media - Facebook Leslie Hershey

Program Manager - Social Media - Linked In Srini Grandhi

Program Manager - Webmaster Edmond Ariori

Program Manager - Webmaster (Back-up) Rob Candee

Program: Finance Committee
Title Contact Name
Committee Chair Sathyaprakash Rao

Program Manager - Contracts Felecia Ricketts

Program: Lunch & Learn Committee
Title Contact Name
Lunch & Learn Coordinator Rob Candee

Program: Membership Committee
Title Contact Name
Committee Chair Adella Rosenthal

Program Manager - Registration Makuta Kamara

Program Manager - Registration Rob Klotz

Program Manager - Registration Marlo Moss

Program Manager - Business Development Franklin Lee

Program: Outreach Committee
Title Contact Name
Committee Chair Peter Roggemann

Program Manager - Sponsorship Jim Collins

Educational Outreach Coordinator Jeff Rodia

Program: Program Committee
Title Contact Name
Deputy Director - Programs/Events Stephanie Unger

Co-Program Manager - Career - CoP Annesa Seemungal

Co-Program Manager - Career - CoP Dan Johnson

Co-Program Manager - Career - CoP Tim DeWolfe

Meeting Coordinator Gary Segal

Committee Chair - Career and Professional Development Varun Anand

Co-Program Manager - PMO CoP David Morgen

Co-Program Manager - PMO CoP Richard Loeb

Co-Program Manager - Quality CoP Richard Ellis

Co-Program Manager - Quality CoP Mark Troncone

Meeting Coordinator David Kabat

Program: Nominating Committee
Title Contact Name
Committee Chair Carol DeGrella

Committee Member Gil Harris