Message From the President - May 2022

Cryptocurrency and Project Management

What is the connection between the hottest speculative investment and project management? Despite cryptocurrency’s reputation as being the Wild Wild West, most versions are grounded in precise and disciplined rules. The most widely known cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, for example, is created through a process which requires solving complex math equations. The link to project management is ...

Message From the President - April 2022

Are You Ready For Culture Shock and Future Shock?

My letter this month is inspired by some ‘Back to the Future’ experiences. Some time ago, as Peace Corps volunteers, my wife and I were told to prepare for ‘Culture Shock’ as we trained for life in Morocco. Our Moroccan native instructors filled our language classes with pointers on local customs and office practices. That was invaluable to helping us to be effective in our roles in country.

PMI Hardship Provision

PMI Hardship Provision to help members renew their membership

Under PMI’s hardship provision, a member is granted a waiver for one year of PMI membership dues and one year of dues for membership in any two PMI membership groups - such as the PMI Westchester Chapter - of which the applicant was a member the previous year.

The hardship provision is available to any PMI member whose financial condition has changed drastically and...